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August 1, 2007

I will clear your cloudy thoughts saith the Lord. I will bring your thoughts to me and align them with the plan that I have for you saith the Lord. I am making a way in the dessert and dry places for you saith the Lord, I am bringing you into refreshing of your spirit, your soul, your body, and you will be refreshed saith the Lord. Yes, you will be a fountain of refreshing that will refresh others, yes, out of my well of living waters, shall come a flow that will overflow you and others and bring refreshing to your dry spirit, yes, it shall flow saith the Lord, it shall flow and shall multiply and bring living water to the souls of many saith the Lord. You shall be quenched with my Spirit ~ and water, yes living water shall flow out of you to others, and many shall drink of it. Shall you not see it, have you not seen it already my child, for yes, I shall certainly do it. I have said change was coming, and it is here saith the Lord. Do not look back, for there is nothing there for you my child. Do not look ahead, for there is nothing there. I am the I AM of the moment, of this moment saith the Lord, and I shall bring all I have promised you to pass. You shall now enter into my peace, and my peace shall be your guide, which shall come from the throne of God. Shall you not see and feel it. Have you not already experienced it my child. ~ that peace that passes all understanding. I shall provide all of your needs. I shall be the provider as I have so often told you, and you shall surely be provided for. Look not back my child, for change is here ~ change that will bring glory to my name. Look not back, for the things of the past will bring you discomfort. The plans I have are full of life and refreshing and joy. You shall be victorious, you shall conquer, you shall see my exceeding abundant supply saith the Lord. 

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