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Psalm 91:1 (NKJV) “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the (protective) shadow of the almighty.”

There are many benefits God provides for the people who dwell (live or spend lots of time) with Him in the “secret place,” the place of intimacy with Him. There also are conditions for receiving those benefits and not every person qualifies.

We shall first look at the blessings or benefits. God will be: your refuge, fortress (protection), your deliverer from traps of your enemy, your shield. You shall not be afraid. No pestilence or destruction, nor evil will fall upon you, nor any plague come near you. Angels will protect you. You shall trample under your feet the (roaring) lion and the (poisonous) snake (both depictions of Satan). You shall have long life.

What are the conditions? It is for the one who “will say” these words of life. “God is my refuge, fortress, the One whom I will trust.” It is the person who “has set his love” upon God, who will call upon Him, who has made the Most High his habitation, who knows His name.

Does this sound like you? He wants that close relationship with you. He is not a “sugar daddy” to go to just when you need something. He wants you to daily live (dwell) in His presence.

Try looking at every person, every situation, every job or task, even the routine things, through Jesus’ eyes. They are not eyes of judgement. They are eyes of understanding, guided within a context of love and compassion.