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March 3, 2020

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel?  The scripture tells us in 1 Peter 5:7 “casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” This sounds like an easy thing to do but how do you cast your care? The word cast means to throw down. An illustration that makes it easier to understand is this.

Can you picture a sheep full of wool? The sheep has become very large and the wool weighs a lot. Now picture this sheep with all this wool and it is also pregnant. The weight of the pregnancy and the weight of the wool make it very hard for the sheep to walk. If the sheep stumbles and falls, because of the added weight it cannot get up. This sheep is in a “cast” position. It is impossible for a sheep to get up when they fall down under these circumstances. While they are in this position, they flail their feet and try to get up but to no avail. The sheep fill up with a gas like substance while they are in the “cast” position, and if they are not set aright they will smother and die. The shepherd comes and puts them back on their feet.

When we speak of casting our cares on the Lord, it literally means to put them in a cast position like the pregnant heavy sheep. We throw (cast) the cares down. The difference is we leave them down at the feet Jesus. We don’t pick them up again. We let the cares die, walk away from them and leave them  with the Lord to  let Him deal with them.

Most of us want to carry our weight of burdens and try to fix them ourselves, but it is impossible to do that when the weight is so heavy. If we don’t give them to the Lord, we eventually become like that sheep – stressed out. It is known that stress can kill a person, so we have to give our burdens to the Lord if we are going to walk in victory.

I would think it is a good idea right now to take a few minutes and see if you are carrying a load never intended for you to carry. If so, throw it down at the feet of Jesus, and leave it there. Don’t go back and try to pick it up. God is a “know it all,” and knows exactly what to do with the burden. He always has a good plan if we take the time to listen to the Holy Spirit. He will guide us into all truth. Don’t throw in the towel. Throw (cast) down the burden! 

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