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Here we are in the middle of what some may call a pandemic. People are in lockdown in various cities. Schools are shut in some states for the rest of the school year. People in high ranking positions supposedly have the “coronavirus.”

People are angry. People are full of fear. Some are sick and can’t get into a doctor. Some have loved ones they have lost during this time and can’t even have a funeral. Many have no idea what they are going to do for money. Our government has proposed a one time “bail out” but what will happen next month?

What do we do when all of these things come at us? Who do we turn to when we need help and get the answers we need? There is only one answer, and that is to turn to God. He alone has a plan. He is not one bit surprised at what is going on.

Personally, I believe that the world is under judgement. The sin in the world is so evident, that even those that practice sin are disgusted. There is much division in the Church over so many things, but they don’t look to scriptures for the answer. Many only want a feel good Church with a feel good message. They don’t want to be reminded that repentance is the most important thing to turn a situation around. In II Chronicles 7:14 it starts with “if my people” It isn’t written to the no- believers. It is a message from God to his people. This is the place it has to begin, with us individually. We must trust that God is using what is happening to bring us to our knees with godly sorrow. When we are broken and truly sorry for our sin, then we repent. Then and only then will mercy come, and then restoration.

When the Church repents, when the nations repent, when individuals repent, then things will start to change. This is God’s plan. It is our finest hour for those of us that are walking right with God. We have the answers. They are found in the scriptures. Not the President, not the local government, not a money bailout, but God’s promises in the scriptures are our only source of hope in this hour. We need to share that hope with those that are not walking with God, and to the backslidden Christian that needs to get their house in order. We know God’s plan, and he wants us to put it int action. God has a plan, indeed, and he will use us to bring it about!