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 Have you ever been in a place with your walk with God that you thought that God was angry with you because you made some hard choices? This happened to me. I had made some personal decisions nearly 40 years ago. I went through a divorce and then later remarried. I honestly thought that God was done with me. I stopped praying. I stopped reading the Bible. I went to church but every sermon that talked about sin made me think that I had no hope.

One day, I once again spoke to the Lord. I was so surprised when I heard him speak to my spirit the following words: “I will make a way where there is no way”. I was so surprised that God would speak to me again. I was overjoyed, and even wrote a song because of what happened.

The name of the song was I talked to the Lord today. It went like this:
I talked to the Lord today; He talked to me
He said he’d make a way; Where no way could be
He’ll take me by the hand; I’ll follow him
He’ll guide my steps today; Give peace within
I asked the Lord today Which way to go
He said to trust in Him My steps He would show
He’ll guide me with his eye; In the way for me
I talked to the Lord today; He talked to me.

You see, my friends, I bought into Satan’s lie that God didn’t love me. I was bound up with this lie , but Jesus set me free. The choices I had made were scriptural, but even if they weren’t, God still loved me. Some of you may be going through a period where you think God has turned his back on you. I want you to know that is a lie. God loves you. He hates sin, but loves the sinner. I suggest you ask him to show you his love, and he will, like he did for me.

God will make a way where there is no way. He always has a plan to bring us back to Him.

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