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Our words bring life or death. The scriptures say that death and life are in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21) Now, come on, really? Since God cannot lie, it has to be true. Death may not come instantly but words start the process.

We often say words without much thought, but those words are seeds. Perhaps you have said “my feet are killing me”, or “so and so drives me crazy”. How about “you’re just like your father”, or “if you keep it up you will end up in trouble”. We are literally speaking these things into existence. Yes, every idle word we speak , we will be held accountable for.

So we must watch what we say. The scriptures say in Psalm 141:3 “to set a watch O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.” This means to literally protect or put a hedge about our mouths with thorns. Ouch. Perhaps that is the best illustration because if what we speak hurts we should have thorns that prevent us from speaking those deadly things.

In the book of James Ch. 1 we are told to be slow to speak, quick to hear and slow to wrath. That is the goal to aim for, but often we are quick to speak, slow to hear and quick to wrath. It takes effort to change this. It starts with the mouth, and the choice to keep the mouth shut and guarded so we don’t speak death. We must literally take time to think before we speak thinking whether life comes or death.

Many things done in anger are often regretted. Picture each word that hurts like a nail going into a fence. You may repent and take it out, but there is still a hole there. The process to change is called dying to the flesh. When we purposely decide not to speak anything that brings death, we change our words, then our words change us.

I had an experience once with seeds. I watered some and left some others without any water. I talked to the seeds that I watered and praised them. They began to grow. The other seeds just didn’t sprout. When we speak life then life comes forth. When we choose not to speak life we encourage things to die.

Remember you may not see the results of a sinful tongue right away because death starts on the inside and then progresses to the surface. Choose words of life my friends . Repent of the words that are bringing death . You may not see instant results, but that seed will produce in time.