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If we were in a nice church building where believers gather to worship, we would consider it to be God’s temple for worship unto Him by His children. We would not dare to deliberately defile the church or its sanctuary. It is a tangible physical asset to be used for God’s glory. Would we throw a wild party in it with booze, sex and drugs? Of course not. Would we destroy furnishings or building features through vandalism? Certainly not. We respect God’s temple and we take care of it and we keep it clean.

However, it is only really, just a building. It is not God’s dwelling place. Holy Spirit inhabits it only when we gather there. It is our worship there that draws His presence. He does not live there.

So where does God, the Holy Spirit live? Uh huh, oh yes! He lives in every born-again believer. He lives in you!!

I Corinthians 6:17, 19-20 (NKJV) says, “But he who is joined unto the Lord (born again) is one spirit with Him….do you not know that your body (physical) is the temple of the Holy spirit who is in you, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price (Jesus’ blood); therefore glorify God in your (physical) body and in your (human) spirit, (both of) which are God’s.”

Holy Spirit came to us directly from Father God and was sent to us by Jesus. Through Holy Spirit we are ONE with God the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus dwells in us via Holy Spirit, and together we are one with the Father. Our physical body is His dwelling place, His temple. How should we treat our body, God’s temple?

Should we take good care of it? Should we treat it any less reverently than we would our church building?

Should we purposely abuse it? Should we do harmful things to our temple? Sadly, many Christians do indeed abuse  their holy temple

Uh, “holy temple,” our bodies? Yes, if Holy Spirit dwells in it, and Jesus likewise, and Father likewise, then our body IS holy to the Lord. Huh, you never saw it that way?

In this multi-part series we will consider various ways believers abuse their “holy” physical body. We may not touch on every way, since there are many, but we will talk about some of the common ways. My hope is that your understanding will increase, and you will become more diligent to guard your “temple.”

Stay tuned.