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We recognize from I Cor. 6:19-20 that our physical body, the dwelling place of Holy Spirit, is a “holy temple” belonging to God. Through Holy Spirit, Christ is in us and we must treat our body accordingly, respecting it and never abusing or defiling it.

A common abuse of the body is the use of nicotine, a highly addictive drug. It doesn’t matter how nicotine is delivered, whether by use of tobacco by smoking, or chewing or dipping snuff, or by vaping. It is all harmful.

The medical community focuses on smoking since that has traditionally been the most common form of nicotine delivery. They have tied smoking to many types of disease, not just lung cancer, emphysema, or COPD. When you account for death from various diseases to which smoking contributes, you can see that smoking contributes to more deaths every year from all other factors combined.

A Christian who smokes is defiling God’s temple. How can a person justify it? Yet many do. It is a harder addiction to break than opiates or other drugs. Such addictions are often supported by a demonic influence that creates the addiction as a stronghold. Spiritual deliverance might sometimes be in order, but ultimately it becomes a choice of your own free will. If you are bound by it, choose to eliminate it from your life. Pray to God for the will to quit. Then rebuke the addiction in Jesus name and plead “the blood of Jesus” against it. Deliverance can be yours! Do you have more to say and show? You can do it in this section. Add pictures and a short description to show visitors more of whatever it is you want.