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Protect, guard, respect, and take good care of God’s “holy temple,” your physical body. (I Corinthians 6:17, 19-20 NKJV)

Never mind hype about illegal drugs.
The fact is that the two most destructive drugs in America are both legal: nicotine and alcohol.

Our bodies were never designed to be “alcohol friendly” as many people seem to think. Alcohol is a mood-altering drug. It is a physiologically function-altering drug. It causes more death, directly and indirectly, than any major disease. Some of the deaths are from alcohol related diseases. Many others are from accidents involving alcohol, including innocent parties who did not imbibe but were killed by those who did.

It destroys families. It often leads to physical or verbal abuse. There is nothing good that comes from it. If it seems to help a person “relax” or “feel better” or “forget problems” that is because it is a mood-altering drug. Even just an occasional drink or a “social” drink causes such results.

Should a Christian ever drink? Let’s consider scripture. Christians often say, “Jesus created wine at the wedding feast in Cana.” They wrongly assumed that he made an alcoholic drink. He did not. He created new wine, which is the very best of all. “New wine” is the fresh grape juice, not fermented which would be “old wine.” It was better than the best fermented wine served at the beginning of the feast.

“Wine” referred to any product of the grape vine. New wine was fresh pressed; old wine was fermented. I never knew how delicious new wine, the fresh-pressed juice was, until I experienced it personally. I had only known the grape juice that is sold in grocery stores. When I was teaching at a Bible College in India, I had breakfast at a high-end hotel. I asked for orange juice, but they had none. They brought me fresh-pressed grape juice. It was the best-tasting juice I had ever had. I then realized it was exactly like the ”wine” Jesus made at Cana. Satan has deceived the Church into thinking he made alcohol. He did not, so don’t ever use that argument again for justifying drinking it.

Christians also misuse another scripture where the apostle Paul instructs Timothy (I Tim. 5:23) “drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.” The very fact that Paul had to give Timothy permission, even direct instruction, to drink a “little” wine for health reasons is evidence that the early church believers did not drink wine (fermented wine). They did not drink it; they drank water instead. However, small amounts of alcohol have been used for medicinal purposes for ages. Paul was not giving the believers permission to drink alcohol.

A Christian should not be defiling their “holy temple” with any kind of mood-altering drug, whether it be alcohol, nicotine, or anything else. To do so is indulging in the lust of the flesh. How can God be pleased with that?

Living a righteous and holy (sanctified) life to the glory of God should be our daily goal.