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Hezekiah, King of Judah (Israel’s two southern tribes), was a God-fearing man, unlike the idolatrous kings of Israel (the ten northern tribes). The Assyrians (Nineveh was its capitol) were the fiercest of the warring nations of those times. They had conquered Israel in 722 B.C. and taken captives, God’s judgment for their evil.

Now Assyria had set its forces against Judah in the south. The time period was about 710 B,.C. They had already taken other walled cities in Judah and now set to seize Jerusalem. Assyrian King Sennacherib’s spokesman and negotiator, Rabshekah, made threats to get Hezekiah to surrender. In the process, he spoke strongly and blasphemously against Yahweh, comparing Him to the pagan gods of the various countries they had conquered, saying their “gods” could not save them. He said the Jews’ God was just as powerless as those. He had an army of 185,000 soldiers camped outside Jerusalem’s walls.

Hezekiah’s response was to go in to the house of the Lord. He tore off his clothes and put on sackcloth (humbling himself to God) and earnestly cried out to God for help and to judge Rabshekah’s blasphemous words. God heard and answered his plea, and sent word to Hezekiah by Isaiah that God would defend the city for David’s sake.

Then the “angel of the Lord” went forth and smote the Assyrian army, killing the entire `185,000 soldiers. King Sennacherib returned to Nineveh and while worshipping his pagan god Nisroch, his two sons assassinated him. He was thus judged for his blasphemy.

The key is that when it appears you are in an impossible situation, if you, as a child of God, will turn in earnest to Him for help, He will bring you through it. Hezekiah did not even muster an army; he took no defensive action to “work through” the situation. He looked to God alone for his solution. God is faithful. When we turn it ALL over to Him, He will make a way where there seems to be no way. He doesn’t need your help. He just needs YOU!!   

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