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God hates sin. God judges sin. Throughout the bible one of His most frequent means of judgement against peoples or nations is to send or allow a pestilence to overwhelm them. A pestilence is a deadly epidemic disease, or pandemic if upon multiple nations. This is what we see happening with Covid-19, the corona virus.

You can see pestilence as judgement in the following verses (KJV), just a few of many: I Chron. 21:14; Psalm 78:50; Deut. 28:21; Ex. 9:15; Jeremiah 21:6; II Samuel 24:15; Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11.

Our American social system’s values have been utterly corrupted with sin. They call good to be evil, and they call sin to be good. Many state and local governments do also. Murder of our pre-born children (abortion) is falsely labelled as “a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body.” The LGBTQ agenda normalizes homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality and every form of sexual perversion. This only scratches the surface: human trafficking, sex slaves, child sacrifice (yes, here in America), and much more. Famine also frequently accompanies a pestilence. Empty grocery shelves? Drought in the “bread basket” of farmlands? Many crop failures presently occurring? How much more convincing do you need? This corona virus is just the first wave of judgement. I believe an even greater judgement is yet to follow.

What about us, the true believers upon Yeshua, Jesus? If we look to the Lord, He promises us safety from the pestilence. Yes, we must exercise wisdom and good practice, but he is our refuge. Psalm 91:2 says “my refuge.” Psalm 91:3 says “He shall deliver thee…from the noisome pestilence.” This one has surely created a lot of noise!

So earnestly turn your focus upon the Lord. Repent of any sin in your life. Repent for the sins of our nation. Yes, national repentance is needed, and the mainline churches are not doing it, so you and I must repent on behalf of our nation.

Pray also that this pestilence, and the greater one later, will bring many souls to Jesus. Pray, pray, pray for souls to be saved; then personally witness to unbelievers whom you encounter. Sow the gospel seed; the Holy Spirit will do the watering.