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Have you ever run out of gas? It has happened to me a few times, and both times it was a critical situation. I had not checked the tank, and the vehicle stopped. Fortunately there was someone close by to help me. It was my own fault because I hadn’t checked the gas gauge. This can happen with a lawnmower, or any machine that runs on gasoline. Then sometimes the carburetor is messed up and it won’t start.

What about your spiritual gas tank? Are you so busy with life that your spiritual tank is running on empty? Do you take the time to come apart from the busyness of the world, and get a spiritual fill up?

In the book of Jude that only contains 25 verses, there is a very needful verse. In verse 20 it says that we build ourselves up (fill ourselves up) on our most Holy faith by praying in the Holy Ghost (tongues). By doing this, verse 21 tells us that it keeps us in the love of God.

Perhaps you may feel God is angry with you over something you did. Repent, then fill yourself up by praying in the spirit. We absolutely must take time to fill ourselves up in this age. There is so much going on around us to “drain” our spiritual tank my friends. You have to stay filled up.

Then, we also sometimes have a leak in our tank! Little by little it empties, until it just is dried up. Are you in that position? Are you feeling dry about God, and things of the Spirit? You need a fill up. Don’t shy away from God during these times. It is in these times that you need God more than ever. He wants you to be filled up with his love, his goodness, and his joy! Pull into his filling station, and fill up! He is waiting to fill you to overflowing! Add a description here.