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For I would say that these are the days of the sower overtaking the reaper. Yes, there has been much sown, but the harvest has not been brought in. I have said that the harvest was white, but the laborers are few. I have pleaded with my children to work in the field, but it has been to no avail. Do you know that I died for those that have not been harvested? Do you know that my life blood was spilled for them? Yet, so few are willing to do the work of the laborer, and bring in the harvest. You have said there would be a great harvest, and that is what the voice of the Lord would want, but yet many sit waiting for others to do the work. Will I hold you accountable saith the Lord? Yes, I surely will, for when I bring rewards there shall be many that will walk away empty handed because they did not listen to the call. For this is the day of acceleration. There is much happening in the heavenlies and upon the earth that will accelerate. Remember my time is not the same as yours, and if I choose to accelerate things then they will accelerate. There has been a stench in my nostrils from those that would say that all is well and that all is forgiven. I would say that all is not well with the church and with your nation. All is not well, and there will be an acceleration of judgement like no one has ever seen since the days of old. For surely, judgement is here and will fall from all directions. Fear will rise up and mankind will be running to and fro for answers. They will not find them anywhere but in me saith the Lord. I am their only hope. I am the only high tower and place of refuge for those that in need of protection. Acceleration is here, and things are about to change swiftly. Take heed and warn those that are not walking rightly with me, for their repentance will save them, but if they do not repent, they shall see the wrath of God fall upon them. I have warned and I have said prepare, but few have listened. Let this be a time of falling to your knees and coming closer to me than ever. Do not be alarmed that these things are about to happen, for I have told you from old that they would come. Men’s hearts are about to be full of fear, and only knowing me in a close and intimate way will take the fear away. I longed for my children to go forth into the field, but they have remained in the house. Now they shall see what has been said, and they shall see it with their own eyes saith the Lord. 

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