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For the past ten to fifteen years the Lord has spoken to me about preparation and about the corporate Church getting its house in order. Russell and I have visited so many churches since we were married almost eight years ago. Most have one thing in common. They never give an altar call. Yes, there is good praise and worship, and yes, there is friendliness and love in the fellowship with the believers, but the one thing that is most important is missing.

I have seen so many so-called Christian groups come together with meetings and gifts from God flowing, but rarely see an altar call. In fact, I can’t remember anywhere that we have been where there has been one given. I seldom hear any Pastor or member of the five-fold ministry preach from the pulpit or on tv or the internet the importance of witnessing. I brought this up in a leadership meeting once before a revival took place, and was greatly criticized. I was told I was being negative. Yet, isn’t the heart of God souls? Isn’t that what Jesus came and shed his blood for? How it must make him weep.

I am not against prosperity, because it takes money to be in ministry, but if all we do is build bigger and bigger buildings and fill them with people that aren’t being equipped we are sadly wasting money on things that have no eternal value.

When 9/11 hit, I saw it as an excellent time to witness. Many were in fear, and didn’t have any answer. Many souls were added to the kingdom because the gospel was shared. Now, we have mass hysteria because of a virus that has people fighting over toilet paper. The shelves in stores are empty, and people are hoarding up things for who knows what. Meanwhile, souls are dying every day, lost and without hope of ever knowing Jesus Christ as Savior.

NOW is our finest hour when everything looks darkest. We, as Christians, have the answer. Jesus Christ! He is the only answer. We should be taking his light daily into a dark world, and bringing these lost souls into the kingdom. Perhaps you are doing it, but the majority of the body of Christ does not witness and has never led anyone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Will you make a renewed commitment today to be the one that says “here am I Lord, send me.” Will you be the one that says no matter what I will declare the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world? We don’t know what this virus will do. It is growing exponentially every day. In one day it went from less than 500 to over 7500. Many lives will be lost. I have no fear whatsoever. You can’t threaten me with death because I know when I shed this mortal flesh I will stand before my Lord and Savior. I know where I am going, but there are thousands that don’t know.

Let’s be the army for Jesus singing “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus, going on before”. We are in a war my friends. A war for souls. The darkness will only get darker before the Lord’s return. Let us be the light that makes a difference. This can be our finest hour!