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This week corresponds timewise in perfect sequence with Jesus’ “Passion” week. OUR Gregorian Calendar day starts at 12:00 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. the Hebrew Calendar Day starts at sunset (or 6 p.m.) and goes to sunset (or 6 p.m.) of the next day. In this teaching it is important to know the events that took place in the Bible were in Hebrew time.

The day of Preparation, Nisan 13, began yesterday (Tuesday) at sunset and runs until sunset today. This time was set aside to “prepare” for Passover which takes place on the 14th of Nisan which occurs at sundown today and goes through sundown Thursday. All Passover preparations must be made before sundown, hence “preparation day.” The lamb must be killed before sundown since no work or toil can occur on Passover.

Jesus knew He was to die as our Passover Lamb of God. He and the disciples had to take their Passover supper (Seder meal, “The Last Supper”) after sundown Tuesday, Nisan 13. After the “Last Supper” Tuesday night, he went to the Garden of Gethsemane where he was arrested, taken to Pilate’s judgement hall and tortured. At daylight Wednesday morning, Pilate presented Him to the people who called for his crucifixion. He was crucified at noon and died at 3 p.m.. Joseph of Arimathea had to act quickly to claim his body and get it into the tomb before sundown (Thursday started at sundown on the Hebrew calendar) because the sabbath (Passover) was nearly upon them. At sundown of Nisan 14, (Thursday on the Jewish calendar), he was finally in the grave. (that is Wednesday night by our Gregorian Calendar.)

All four gospels were clear that Jesus was crucified on the Day of Preparation prior to the Passover which was on Thursday. Passover is a sabbath, but a second sabbath immediately followed on 15th of Nisan which was the Feast of Unleavened Bread. No work could be done on that day, a Friday (Thursday night and daytime Friday by our calendar.) At sundown Friday night, which was their Saturday, started the regular weekly Sabbath. Three consecutive “Sabbath days”; Passover, Unleavened Bread, and the weekly Saturday sabbath is why the women had to wait until there was some daylight on Sunday morning to go to the tomb. The first day of the week, Sunday, began at sundown on our Saturday (their Sunday). Jesus came out of the tomb at sundown Saturday, completing His three days and three nights (the sign of Jonah) in the grave. That is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the Jewish Calendar. In our Gregorian calendar it would be our Wednesday night, day and night Thursday, day and night Friday and daytime Saturday. He died on Wednesday (Nisan 13) in the afternoon, then spent the next three days with his body in the tomb and his spirit in Hades, then arose Saturday evening.

Good Friday is a myth. Church traditions made by man often contradict the Bible. Choose to believe the Bible since it is God’s own word. He makes no mistakes.