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The word preparation has been on my mind this week. With today being Palm Sunday, we look back to the days Jesus walked this earth. The Passover was at hand, and preparation was being made for this feast. A young sheep without blemish was taken and prepared to be used as the sacrificial lamb for Passover. The families had heard the story every year from infancy to old age. They heard the story how the Israelites had to leave Egypt quickly and had no time to prepare for what was ahead. They had to prepare their homes to escape death. They didn’t understand what was to come, but they prepared to stay safe. Because they prepared, they were spared death in their homes. It had to be a frightening time as they left Egypt. They had no idea what was ahead. Was this really going to happen?

I would have to say that the majority of Christians had not prepared for the isolation that has been brought upon us because of the “Coronavirus.” We have businesses and Churches shut down. Some are angry at Pastors that held services. Others are angry at God, because they have no source of income. Others blame the President and others blame the deep state. The truth of the matter is, God is not surprised at what is happening. Word after word was spoken down through history to the world that we needed to repent and get our lives in order, but few listened and prepared.

John the Baptist was used as the forerunner of Jesus, having the mission to “prepare the way of the Lord.” I am sure that he was raised to know his purpose. His Father was a priest, and I am sure that John was taught the scriptures from infancy, and learned about the coming of the Lord. I am sure that his Mother told him about his leaping in the womb when Mary came to their home pregnant with baby Jesus. John was prepared for his mission.

  As we study the scriptures, we see there were many instances of preparing and preparation. Esther was in preparation for at least a year before she was taken to meet the King. Preparation is a good thing. We should stay in a place of preparation. Esther is a type of “bride of Christ.” She could not meet her husband without this preparation. The body of Christ should be in preparation for the day that is coming – meeting our soon coming bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

As we study the word of God we see Jesus’ faith in action. He didn’t just talk about faith, he lived it. Every morning he arose early and spent time with his Father in prayer and that is how he prepared for his day. I believe in the time He spent in prayer that the Father let him in on what was going to happen that day. How often have we felt a tug from Holy Spirit, an inner knowing that something was not quite right? Did we ignore it to only find out that God was trying to prepare us? Yes indeed! We often fail to be led by the Spirit of God, and tend to trust our own understanding. This is the opposite of what God wants from us.

We must take time to prepare, and watch the “signs” and listen to Holy Spirit. Then and only then will we be prepared for what is ahead. There are no “accidents” with God. He knows everything, and wants to lead us into truth. We must take time to be prepared and when the challenges come we won’t be caught off guard. Remember, Satan has an assignment and that is to stop God’s assignment in your life. He doesn’t play fair, but with God preparing us we can’t lose!