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Yesterday there was a terrible tornado in Tennessee. Many lives were lost. I have seen personally the damage of tornadoes near where I lived. They can take a stick and drive it right through a tree with the pressure and force of the wind. A friend was caught up in a tornado and was twirled around in the air. Fortunately, she survived the storm, but has had a fear of tornadoes ever since.

There are many kinds of storms that come. Most we have some advance warning, but with a tornado there is very little warning. We may know the “conditions” are right, but an actual tornado can form very quickly and bring destruction.

Life is full of storms that aren’t just in nature. There may be job losses, where you had a good job one minute and then you were let go. You had no idea it was coming, and it brought destruction of income and self worth. Then there are the storms of relationships, where words have caused heartache and resentment and may lead to broken vows. These kind of storms are never easy to deal with, just like a tornado, they leave a path of destruction.

Some things are certain in life though. Each of us is born, and each of us have an appointed time to die. The scripture says in Hebrews 9:27 “and as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Yes, there is an appointment that each of us have to keep with death. Yet, so few talk about it. I know married couples that don’t want to deal with this “gruesome” subject, and when someone dies unexpectedly the spouse is left with a “mess”. It happens all the time.

We don’t prepare for the obvious. Since there is an appointed time, then there must be preparation for it. With man, there is a choice as to where he spends eternity. God doesn’t pick and choose who goes to Heaven or who goes to Hell. Man makes the choice, and it has to be made before death. After death it is too late. Judgment comes. We will either be judged for our sin or judged for our works. If we invite Jesus Christ into our lives, he takes the judgement of sin from us and bears it for us. If we don’t do that, then we have to bear it, and the verdict will always be guilty.

Many people put off getting prepared for the greatest day of their lives but saying “I can always do it later.” But there may not be any later. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. As a Pastor I saw too often the sharp reality of death come to families that weren’t expecting it. Death comes to the young and old, the sick and the healthy. Have you prepared for it? Have you made your life right with God? Have you repented and accepted Jesus Christ into your life? If not do not put if off. Today is the day of preparation and salvation. You might not have another chance. Do it now.   

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