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The five-fold ministry, (Eph 4:11), Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, is just as viable today as in the early church apostolic times. That means prophets and prophetesses are active in this present time.

The problem is this: where there are true prophets of God, there will also be false prophets. The fact that false prophets exist does not negate the veracity of the true prophets. God does not do anything of great significance on the earth without first revealing it to His prophets.

Jeremiah 14:13-16 addresses false prophets. They usually are “prophesying “peace and prosperity and all the “good things” people like to hear, but never address unpopular subjects. Jesus said (Matt 24:11, 24) that they shall be especially prevalent during the “end times” in which we presently live. Ultimately, these false prophets will be consumed, bringing destruction upon themselves, (Jer. 14:15 and 2 Peter 2:1) although it may be in the hereafter.

How do we tell between the good ones and the false (or questionable) ones? I John 4:1 tells us to “try the spirits.” In what spirit is the messenger speaking or prophesying. Ask Holy Spirit to give you discernment. There are also some practical “markers.” If the “prophet” only gives “messages” that make people feel good, take note.  If they never speak of sin, or coming judgement, take note.    These are potential “markers” that they don’t truly hear from God, or that they depart from the whole word of God.

There are a good number of true prophets today. Some address the current issues we experience, and some will speak of events yet to come. They will address things of warning, or admonish people over sin, or speak of judgement. They will also speak encouragement to people of faith, and of God’s “keeping power” for those who trust Him.

Do not simply “write off” all who may appear or claim to be a prophet or prophetess. Discern which ones are truly hearing from God. They have the messages you need to hear.

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