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As I was up early as usual, getting things ready to put this newsletter together, I checked some stats, and then I was unable to access the program that develops this newsletter and our website. Try as I might by rebooting the modem and other things I still couldn’t access it. My husband got up and we tried his computer, and the same thing.

My first thought was, hmmm, are “they” monitoring me? We do put a lot of end time information in our newsletters and website, so one might never know. After much frustration, I called the company that hosts the website and newsletter, and they said to turn off the wifi to see if that made a difference. Well, it did. I was able to access some of what I needed on my Iphone and Ipad, but not able to put the things together easily. Typing on a keyboard is much easier than a finger on an Ipad.

I decided to put a call into our internet provider. I was in chat and was told they would call back in a few minutes. Well, it took longer than a few minutes but finally I got the call. The person that called had an accent that I had trouble understanding (most everyone can understand that one). Anyways, after several different things that took about 45 minutes, this man, named Owen, resolved the issue by resetting some things in my computer and modem and everything works right now.

When I asked “Owen” his name and he told me, I told him that I only knew one other Owen in my life and that made him unique. I spoke to him how each of us had our own voice different from others. I told him that God made each of us to be unique and special. He thanked me. He told me that he was going through a very hard time in his life, and felt like no one cared. I was able to tell him about Jesus, and prayed with him before I hung up. He thanked me again. I may never meet “Owen”, but I know that our interaction changed his life today.

I truly believe that God allowed my computer to have problems and that Owen was the reason. He needed to know that someone cared. I was at the right time and the right place. With everything that is going on in our lives at this time, we must realize that God still has a plan and that it is always for good. We may not know why things “fall apart” around us, but He does. We may never understand the hurts and the chaos, but He does. Perhaps there is an “Owen” that needs to hear an encouraging word today from you in the grocery store or hospital or doctor’s office. Always be ready and God will use you!