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God is righteous and holy. He desires His people to be righteous and holy. Satan is unrighteous and unholy. Satan is winning that contest all across the globe. Don’t despair; God’s day is coming.

We just concluded a series on “Guarding God’s Temple” (your physical body) in which we looked at ways people abuse and defile their “holy temple.”

One hundred years ago (1920) America passed a constitutional amendment making the transport and sale of alcoholic beverages illegal nationwide. This was a result of a decades-long campaign against the evils of alcohol and all of the damage it caused in society. Carrie Nation was leader of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union that brought about this moral victory.

Unfortunately, many people preferred to continue with their unrighteous self-indulgence of their fleshly lusts. Illegal alcohol gatherings known as “speak easys” swept across the land. Alcohol indulgences became so popular that in 1933 a new amendment retracted the previous one making it legal once again. In the meantime, Joseph Kennedy, father of future President John F. Kennedy, made the family fortune transporting and selling massive amounts of illegal alcohol during those days of prohibition. Yes, the Kennedy money is dirty money.

I studied about Carrie Nation and the Christian Temperance Union in High School American history during the 1960’s. She is no longer mentioned in school today. Now alcohol is consumed by most people. It is sold and promoted almost everywhere. Satan is glad and happy. He won.

The same has happened with homosexuality which is an abominable sin in the eyes of God. It used to be illegal even into the 1970’s and beyond. One could be arrested if caught doing it outside their residence. Now it is legal and is totally accepted in society. Evil wins over righteousness again. Satan is giddy; he is deliriously happy and pleased with this.

These things come about because the church does not stand up and fight for right. Now we see Christians rights to free speech being taken away. Our right to follow our own moral and religious convictions are being taken away. As I write this on the last day of March, 2020, the government has shut down church meetings all across the nation. We are letting this happen? Without any protest? What next?

Church, we have entered into the greatest war America has ever known. It is being fought in the spiritual realm. What happens in the spiritual realm becomes reality upon the earth. Christians are now seen as the enemy globally.

We must pray, pray, pray. Fast, and pray!