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People take the glory of God too lightly due to a lack of understanding or lack of perspective. God’s glory cannot be upon anyone with known sin in their life. His glory might perhaps be over their head, overshadowing them, but it cannot touch them.

Henry Gruver, a powerful man of God was on the podium once at a large church. The people were crying out for God to touch them with His glory. The Holy Spirit urgently prompted him to get up and speak, and say, “Stop it. You don’t know what you are asking. If He were to touch all of you with His glory, and there is any unrepented sin in your life, you will be instantly struck dead.” People began wailing, the front filled with repentant people, and great revival broke out.

Moses said to God (Exodus 33:18 NKJV), “Please, show me your glory.” God said He would pass by while Moses was hidden in a cleft of the rock, but that Moses could never see His face. As God passed by, Moses saw only his back side going away. The Lord then had Moses hew two stone tablets with the ten commandments.

The glory of God was so heavy upon Moses, that when he descended from the mountain, his face shown so brightly that the people could not even look at him. He had to put a veil over his face just so he could talk to them. HE was full of God’s glory. (Exodus 33, 34).

The prophet Ezekiel also encountered the glory in Ezekiel 44:4: “The glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD (Yahweh Elohim): and I fell upon my face.” Ezekiel was unable to stand in the presence of God’s glory.

While God’s glory may not touch us, it can be manifested in a way that we can observe it with our physical senses on rare occasions. Two ways known in present times are 1) seeing a cloud or cloudy mist, or 2) by smelling a sweet odor.

Where God’s glory shows up, everything is made right and whole. In a large stadium meeting in Africa with Reinhardt Bonnke, there was a section that was quarantined and held well over one hundred lepers. A visible cloud of glory appeared over and above them. Every leper was instantly healed!

We cannot take lightly the matter of God’s glory. It is almost beyond our comprehension. His holiness is likewise incomprehensible. We like to think that we understand both, but our understanding is poor. You may pray for God’s glory, and that is all right; just make sure you are without sin when you ask for it.   

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