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There is a saying, “laughter is good medicine.” This is supported by Proverbs 17:22 which says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Laughter releases endorphins (hormones) which not only helps you feel good, but they also have been proven to help the healing of numerous diseases and sicknesses. Therefore I offer you today some anecdotes ”for what ails you.”

1. After a Pastor’s wife took her overworked husband to the family physician, the doctor took the wife aside and whispered: “I don’t like the way your husband looks.” “I don’t either,” she replied, “but he has always been a good father to the children.

2. Due to Sunday school students always arriving late, the following was printed in the Church newsletter: “When the opening is delayed due to stranglers, it cuts into the time teachers have to spend with your children sharing God’s word.”

3. A Pastor bowed his head and solemnly declared: “Let us pray for those who are sick of this congregation.”

4. A Sunday School Teacher asked a small girl why she thought the clergyman in the Good Samaritan story passed by on the other side. She replied, “Because the man lying by the roadside had already been robbed.”

5. The lord loveth a cheerful giver, He also accepteth from the grouch. 

6. Seen on a sign in front of a Church: “Do you know what hell is like? Come in and hear our choir.”

7. A newspaper writing about a wedding: “The bridegroom’s mother wore a two-piece purple and jade suit with purple accessories. The bride’s mother wore a hat.” DID YOU LAUGH? FEEL BETTER NOW? 

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