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Here we are, in the middle of a so-called pandemic caused by a virus that no one knew much about. It has shut the American family down. It has shut businesses and Churches down. It has caused shortages and has caused anger.

What is this all about? I have done some research, and the Type A flu affected about 35.5 million or so people world wide in the past year. Of those, there were 34,200 deaths. Nothing was put in the news about it. There was no massive shut down of everything. There were no “stay at home” orders. There was no shortage of toilet paper.

So, what is this virus affecting at this point? About ¾ of a million people with about 37,000 supposed reported deaths. That is a significant amount, but who would want this to become a fear-based pandemic?

The economy was doing the best it had been doing in years.

Unemployment was down to the lowest it had been.

The Stock Market was way up Building and trades were doing great.

Who are they blaming for all of this “sudden” drop? The very one that brought the gain! I am not discounting this virus, for many have died, and that is sad, but we need to come against this fear-based pandemic with the word of God. A Church that has been preaching faith had a service and the Pastor has been arrested. If over 35 times as many people had the Flu this past year and there was no pandemic, why now?

I see this as a way to shut down churches and faith based organizations that have been spreading the gospel. I see it as a way for those in the deep state to take over this country. There is supposed to be a medicine that helps with this virus, but upon a good source, it is not available even at hospitals. The book of Revelation lets us know that there will be 1/3 of humankind die, and then later another 1/3 of humankind die. That is 2/3’s of our earthly population. If we are in those days, then we need to serve God and get the gospel out. We need to be vigilant in our walk with God. The early Christians were arrested for preaching the gospel, and I see that coming to America. In Canada right now it is against the law to preach against homosexuality. You can be arrested if you do. They call it a hate crime. It is not a hate crime. It is an act of love to preach and bring people out of darkness.

When and if your freedom is taken away to be a witness for Christ, will you continue to share the gospel or will you “keep your mouth shut” to avoid being arrested? Everything is in place for the Antichrist to come on the scene. We have to rise up and serve God regardless of what our government says! I for one will be one of those. What about you?