Helen's Message for today


If you read our newsletter daily, then you would have read yesterday’s prophetic word about the winepress/olive press. The Lord has shown me that this year there will be a crushing to bring forth the wine and the oil. The outpouring of Holy Spirit and the Anointing.

How does this take place? That certainly is a great question. The simplest way is the surrender of our will to God’s will. It is allowing God to remove those things from our lives that are not bringing glory to him. The “press” squeezes the oil or wine out and leaves the empty shell of a grape or the olive. They are crushed to the point that they are no longer of value. They had served their purpose and were discarded. It means crucifying the flesh, letting the old nature die, and walking in the spirit.

Many times, there are things in our lives that we think are important, but they are simply idols. An idol is anything that comes first in your life before God. Our first thoughts in the morning and our last thoughts at night must be centered on God. We rise and thank him for the new day. We go to sleep and thank him for bringing us through the day.

Other things that may need to go are relationships that aren’t holy. You can’t be joined together if one is a believer, and the other isn’t. That, according to God is a “mixed marriage.” Even if someone has the greatest qualities, a Christian can never consider a non-believer as a “marriage” partner because it won’t work. If you are already married to a non-believer God is not saying you should divorce, because He hates divorce. He is letting you know that it wasn’t a good choice you made and now you may have to choose between serving God or being pulled back into the things of the world because of this relationship. It is always sad to see a couple in this kind of relationship where one wants to be involved in the things of God and the other doesn’t.

Other things may be a job that keeps you from serving the Lord. Or it may be something you do in your personal life that displeases God. There are things that only you can know about so you must ask God what they are.

If you want to see the anointing on your life and the Holy Spirit poured out through you, then you must be willing to go through the process of “the press” in order to bring these to you. Easy? No, but it is well worth the surrendering of our will to please God. The end results will never be regretted once you have gone through the process. 


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