Helen's Message for today


In ancient days they set boundaries by placing a stone at the corner of one’s property. It was called a landmark, or cornerstone.

Proverbs 22:28 says, “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” This would be speaking of property, but it also has a spiritual implication.

When someone wanted to steal “a little land” they would move their neighbor’s landmark a few inches at a time. They wouldn’t move it a mile because that would be instantly noticed. They did it little by little until they took a mile. It took time to do this, but the end result was that they “gained ground.”

There are some common sayings like one “gained ground,” or it was a “landmark decision,” that come from this precedent in scripture.

Satan doesn’t steal a mile at a time from us. He takes an inch here and there. He whispers in one’s ear, “A little bit of sin won’t hurt you.” Or he may say, “It won’t make that much of a difference.”

These thoughts that come aren’t sin, but when we give into the thoughts by moving from truth, or the “ancient landmark” that God gives us in His word, it starts a process of moving away from God. We may not think that a little sin will hurt us, but like that ancient stone was moved a little at a time, so we too are moved away from God.

We have become a nation that has moved the “ancient landmark” that our forefathers set for our own good. We are also in a period of time that the church has moved from absolute truth of the word of God to a “feel good gospel” to satisfy those that are listening. Any message from the pulpit that condones any kind of sin, has removed the ancient landmark. Either all of the Word of God is relevant for today or none of it is. The choice to stay with truth gives us the foundation that each of us need. There is no truth outside of God’s truth.

We must daily examine our lives to make sure we haven’t moved from the principles of God. If we have, we must repent and be determined to keep the word of God as our “cornerstone” in life. If we don’t, we will lose ground to the enemy, Satan, and live a compromised life that will result in loss when it is over.