SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 Change is a necessary commodity for things to expand. As of this writing we have made a decision to do more evangelistic and apostolic ministry . God has expanded the vision beyond just a local gathering of believers.

We are raising up our ministry school and have made it available on line and in person. This is something new. We are anticipating that God has a great plan for Spirit of Life Ministries as we submit it to His plan and not ours. We await his direction, and greatly appreciate your prayers. With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our faith. We invite you to become a part of this ministry through your financial support and prayers.

HOW THIS MINISTRY BEGAN: Our Ministry was birthed by a vision that our late Pastor Brother Jim Todd received that Highlands County was the hub of Florida. It is central to either coast of Florida, and can reach out to thousands of people. Brother Jim Pastored here for eight years in the early 70's, then did evangelism work and church planting for 20 years until the Lord called him back to Sebring in 2002.

In 2011 the Lord called him home, but Pastor Helen Sanders has carried on the work. Helen received a vision from the Lord where Jesus showed her that Highlands County had an unacceptable amount of people dying every day and going to Hell, and that He was not pleased. It has been her strong passion ever since to give the Gospel out to each soul she has an opportunity to witness to. Our ministry provides discipleship to teach people how to share their faith with others, and to become "Fishers of Men". Pastor Jim entered into God's glory in 2011, but the vision still burns in the heart of our leadership. We continue to move forward, knowing that the Lord is guiding us by His Holy Spirit!

In September 2012 Pastor Helen married Russell Sanders. Together the vision for Spirit of Life is continuing to expand. We see our ministry as an international call to take the word to the nations. We thank God for the expanded vision, and expect great things to happen!