Pastor Helen Sanders

 Helen was born in Michigan as Helen Tondu. She started ministering through music as a young girl in Michigan. She was brought up in the Presbyterian Church. At the age of 11 she received the Lord at a vacation Bible Camp. Helen married and had four beautiful children that have been the joy of her life.  They in turn  have brought her the pleasure of many grandchildren. Helen married Jim Todd in 1983 and together founded ministries in Florida, Alabama, S. Carolina and Michigan. Pastor Helen Sanders along with her late husband Jim Todd founded Spirit of Life Ministries in 2002, which continues today in Sebring, Florida. Jim shed his mortal body for immortality in 2011. Later Helen married Russell Sanders, and they have built a strong ministry team together to further the vision. Helen has had a hunger for the Lord and for his Word. After receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit she became a great soul winner and was determined to lead every man, woman, and child to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself appeared to her in a vision in 2002 and let her know how important each life without Christ was to him. She has been equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry for over 40 years. She moves strongly in the gifts of the Spirit, including Prophecy, Healing, Word of Knowledge, and Faith. Spirit of Life Ministries is not about one person. It is about Jesus Christ.